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"AmeriYank's Christian Crosses"

AmeriYank's Christian Crosses. Mary Morris. ( Suggested retail price: $19.95. Reviewed by Allen Wyatt ( ). You can find out more information about Allen at .

The last several years have seen an explosion in the number of special-purpose collections available to graphic designers and Web developers. AmeriYank's Christian Crosses is a prime example of such a collection. It is privately published by Mary Morris and contains over 2,800 unique cross images in four different formats. Standard formats, such as TIF and JPG are included, but Paint Shop Pro users will probably be most interested in the TUB format, which allows you to use the crosses as picture tubes. Need an early gothic cross in a silver or gold treatment? It's here. How about a more modern cross using a wood or diamond texture? Yep, it's here. Just aching for a cross in the center of a lovely stained-glass window? There's even those types. Designer Mary Morris has done a wonderful job of pulling together a wide range of crosses and rendered them in a wide range of treatments.

While a CD of different crosses may strike some readers as rather esoteric, others may recognize it as something that fills a definite need. With the price of the CD under $20, you can't go wrong by adding this gem to your library--particularly if you are responsible for your church's Web site or creating advertising for the church bazaar."

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