AmeriYanks Graphics Farms Donate $1 Page

When you download free items from AmeriYank's Graphics Farm, the bandwidth used is not free for me. To help defray the cost, $1.00 donations are accepted.

PayPal is used to protect your security--I never see your credit card information. PayPal keeps about 33 cents for it's fee and I get the remaining 67 or so cents. While your donation may seem small, when added to others it covers the cost of offering free graphics tools. More importantly, it helps keep this site open.

Why are only $1.00 donations accepted? Because when enough people donate, it pays the cost of the downloads. This is not an attempt to get rich. It is only to cover the fees I must pay to offer free graphics and graphics tools to the world.

Why not move to a free server? Because so many people access this site I use up the allowed bandwidth and get shut down for "excessive use".

To donate $1.00 US, simply click on the button below and follow the instructions. Thank you, in advance, for your generousity.